Monday, April 30, 2007

An oldie, but a goodie

I was searching on google a few weeks back. Words of the day were my name, The Q's name and aNoobia. I always like searching aNoobia because it's a word I created in high school that I pretty much use for everything. Seeing as how it's pretty unique I get very few hits and they're usually all related back to me.

In doing so, I found an old blog that I had totally forgotten about. I thought I had deleted most of my old blogs due to their depressing and retarded content, but I guess I missed one. Anyway, I just got done perusing all of the entries on that particular blog and realized why I deleted all the other ones. It's full of whiny, high school crap and I am ashamed that I ever wrote it. I understand that it's okay that I wrote that stuff because it's how I was back then and I've changed since. Still, it's embarrassing.

Time for class.

But I glow in the dark and I won't sit still.

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