Monday, April 23, 2007


No matter how many times I explain something to my fellow key-ops they never learn.

I try to teach them how to run jobs more efficiently to lessen the amount of work that our auxiliary workers have to do and they never do it. In the end it just slows everyone down. It's sad because it doesn't even require that much effort. Ten minutes of extra work for a key-op could potentially equal hours of work saved on aux. The math makes perfect sense to me. I suppose it's a good thing I work a 12 hour shift. At least I can go home knowing that half of the days work will get done more efficiently.

Now, I am certainly not saying I am a better key-op. Most of the people that do the same job as me are way more experienced. I understand it's tough to break habits. But seriously, ten minutes of work to save a few hours? I just don't understand that. Hopefully some day my ideas will stick, until then I just have to shake my head every night I come into work and am bombarded with mass piles of auxiliary.

Hey blenderhead, they're starting to ask questions

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