Saturday, April 14, 2007

Same ol', same ol'

I know you're all pretty tired of hearing me go on about laptops. Like when I got my first one; the iBook G3 and now the new Macbook. But I'm still just stupefied at how great having one of these is. Here I am, sitting outside in the absolutely gorgeous weather leeching off of the hotel across the highway from work. You couldn't do anything like this 15 years ago; hell, 10 years ago. Technology is a wonderful thing.

Work has been interesting today. Ben brought in his iPod and his new Apple HiFi I talked him into buying and we've got it plugged into a TV watching Stranger Than Fiction. It's hard to work when you've got a good movie playing. Nonetheless, working I am. The machines are running much better today since the air conditioning has been fixed. For those of you unaware, moisture is a production operator's worst nightmare. When paper gets slightly moist it refuses to be run through a machine and cause major head aches. Today, that is not the problem. Today the problem is the fact that rubber is not invincible.

As stated previously, the weather outside is beautiful. If you don't work today, or you have time to take a break, step outside and enjoy it. We won't see weather like this for much longer. All we have to look forward to is five months of unbearable heat, broken up by maybe a week, at most, of rain. So go play some frisbee golf, go biking, drink a beer, whatever. It's nice.

Wash me clean and I will run until I reach the shore

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