Monday, April 30, 2007


What a really boring night. I haven't had a night at work where there was nothing to do in a looooooong time. I am now reminded of how much it blows.

I guess it wasn't all bad. My coworker and I decided to make shields, swords, and helmets out of cardboard. It was interesting to see our different styles. I tried to keep mine consistent and I think I accomplished my goal. I'll bring my camera to work tomorrow night and take pictures so you all can see what we did with our time at work.

You all might remember a few months back when I entered the Threadless competition. I didn't win. No worries, I still got a laptop which was my intention by entering. I have since entered another contest: The Apple Insomnia Photo Festival. Basically I was given 24 hours to shoot one photo that I felt best represented the word growth. Unfortunately I cannot post it here due to the rules, however, in a few days it will be posted on Apple's website and I'd like to ask all who read this to please go vote upon it.

I know the prize is a MacBook Pro and yes I know I already have a MacBook, but I don't have a MacBook Pro. Besides, if I were to win, I'd end up giving The Q my old MacBook so she can have a nicer laptop, and she in turn would give the iBook I got her for Christmas to her sister. So it's not like I'd be keeping two laptops. That's just ridiculous.

I'll understand if you don't vote on my picture. I'm sure there are much better photos that have been submitted, but I'd appreciate your support.

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