Monday, May 29, 2006

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo?

What is this Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo that Rick Derringer speaks of? I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps I should ask Sloopy....

It's not surprising that I haven't update this thing in a while. Life has been kind of slow lately so it's not like I haven't had time to write anything. I'm just lazy and would rather read what other people have written instead of writing anything myself. Also, it's been a while since I've been at work with nothing to do and that's generally the time that I feel like writing something.

Since dating The Q, I've realized that I really like to know things. I find myself asking her all kinds of questions and getting in discussions/arguments about various subjects. The discussions/arguments I'm sure she likes, but when I ask her about things there's absolutely no way she could possibly know anything about, I think it might get on her nerves a little. But hey, who else am I going to ask?

I do the same thing with Kade and Melinda at work. Kade more so because he knows things or at least knows OF things. He's a great person to bounce ideas off of too.

I've also found that I like to tinker with things; Mostly at work, when I have the time. Like today for instance, I disassembled a spinner(a simple device that spins coils into books that have been coil punched). It was making an awful racket so I took it upon myself to relieve it of its symptoms. Naturally, not being educated in its anatomy, the "simple" spinner was actually much more complicated inside. But I managed to bumble my way through it and lubricated the squeaky bits. Voila: silent spinner! I did the same thing to a jogger(another "simple" contraption that shakes paper around until it's evenly jogged together).

It is things like what I described above and my rapidly increasing knowledge of the printers(software and hardware) that make me feel like I deserve a little recognition. I get things done more efficiently and the machines have a lot less down time because instead of waiting hours for a technician, printers and auxiliary machines can be jury rigged to finish off their respective jobs. However, it seems that to be a valuable employee and earn recognition here at Kinko's, one must work as many hours as possible: stay late or come in when there's help needed . I guess it doesn't matter how well I do my job, only how many hours I work. Not to sound egotistical or big-headed, but I do my job well and, more often than not, go above and beyond what's expected of me. I just don't stay late. Is that a crime? Does it make me a bad employee? Looks like it.

Did I mention that I hate moisture spots?

Well I do. But that's not the point. The point of this whole entry is to describe my fantastic idea for a novel. It came to me while working but I really have no idea why I thought about it. Anyway, the story would involve a Vampire who works a third-shift job. The reason I thought it'd be funny is because whenever you see a vampire in a movie they're usually pretty well off. So I thought, what if there was this regular joe-schmoe who recently became a vampire, but was too nice to live such a life, and instead finds a third-shift job at a blood bank as a security guard or something. I haven't quite figured out what kind of job he would have. Maybe it's funny only to me, but I think a story about a blue collar vampire just trying to get by would be hilarious. Or not.

Lordy momma, light my fuse

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