Monday, May 08, 2006

This is Dick Stockton, signing off....

My friend Bruh left for Mississippi today. He's going back home for a couple months, but he'll be back. I'm going to miss the man. He's brought me to tears from laughing so hard many a time.

Interestingly enough, I was listening to Blue Monday on NPR and found out that today is Robert Johnson's birthday. Coincidence? Maybe.

This past Saturday we had a going-away party for him. It had rained the previous night so everyone spent part of the day vacuuming out all the water. Later, it rained again only this time instead of a shop-vac, everyone gathered together a shit ton of buckets and formed a line; kind of like an old-fashioned fire brigade. We made a dent in the lake that was once our courtyard and decided it was time to tap the keg and fire up the music.

Our band played first, sans bass player as is usual. However, Chris, our new bass player, did show up halfway through the set and joined us on Texas Flood. I felt it was appropriate. We didn't do half bad for only having practiced twice together. I messed up a few times and missed a pause we'd just written the previous day into one of our songs.

It was tons of fun, but I crashed early. I had spent most of the day coding my final project slash our band's webpage. Speaking of which, come this Thursday, The Devil's Hotrod will finally have a freaking website. I know I've mentioned getting it done in the past but this time it's really going to be finished. I promise. So on Thursday, mosey on over to sometime in the afternoon and ye shall see the fruits of mine labor.

I miss The Q

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