Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hats off to you, Mr. Ron Baird

The trip to Michigan was successful. Fun times were had by all. And though I was sad to leave, it felt really good to come home.

The Q got to meet my parents on the day of our arrival and then we had breakfast the next morning. Everything went well on that front. Looks like everybody thinks she's swell just as I do. -=grin=-

I must say, that vacation was needed. I felt fully rested upon returning to work on Sunday.


What I'd really like to type about is the fact that I never know what the hell to write. I read all these other blogs that are so witty and entertaining and I think, "Man, I wish I could write something like this; something that everyone wants to read." But I don't think my life is interesting enough to appeal to a wider audience. -=sigh=-

And all those blogs are always so swish looking and the author is so cool and hip and has funny stories. Sometimes I wonder if they make the stories up or if maybe they live on an alternate plane of existence; the contents of which are funny and witty to us.

And they're always called something weird, but cool. Like: The alabaster Quagmire, Alcoholic Dogfisherman or my personal favorite Musings of an Estranged Cheeto. I'm not sure anyone knows what they mean and if you ask why they're cool, you'll never get it.

Alas, I may never be a wicked awesome blogger, but at least I can stare longingly at pastel colored, geometrically, asymmetrically designed blogs; sigh; drink my coffee; smoke my cigarette, and sleep peacefully. Knowing that there are 20-something hipsters out there clickety-clacking on they're pure white, Mac keyboards doing what they do best: blogging.

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