Sunday, October 01, 2006

When will fall get here?

Tomorrow marks my return to the day-shift. I know I mentioned this in the previous post, but you must understand, I'm really excited about it. I think my perception of work is probably going to change with this change in schedule. We'll see how it turns out in a few weeks. And yes, I probably should be getting to bed instead of typing this.

My five day weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday I bought dinner for everyone for Nick's birthday that was last Tuesday. Oddly enough, I didn't have as much fun that night as I probably should have. The entire time my thoughts were focused else where and I really didn't feel like being around anyone. I can't even begin to understand why.

Saturday was spent with The Q running various errands. We stopped off at her grandparents in the evening and had a nice little chat with them. The Q seems to be happy that I'm not uncomfortable at their house for apparently past boyfriends have been. I don't know, other than the overwhelming amount of religiousness, I really like her grandparents. They're very nice and generous and her grandpa is hilarious. Reminds me of my grandpa. We were fed diet soda and chips and salsa. I was starving but I did my best at restraining myself from gobbling everything down.

And as for today, I woke up and watched Ghostbusters while eating breakfast. The rest of the day was spent playing Okami on the PS2. At some point I headed downstairs for a few rounds of Guitar Hero and promptly had my ass handed to me by Ray and Sam. I think I just need to practice more. Mark and Pam returned from their trips to Dallas and San Antonio respectively. It seems like whenever Mark gets back from some where he's more of an ass than normal. So for the most part I just avoided him.

I think I'll probably be posting more often because of this laptop. It's nice to sit in bed and type out my thoughts. Helps me unwind my brain so that I can sleep easier.

So to whoever reads this, I hope your ready to read more about my boring life more frequently. Cheers.

I turn my camera on

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corley said...

I love your boring life more frequesntly!