Monday, October 02, 2006

Lucky Strike indeed

Smoking my last cigarette here. It's a sacred moment for many smokers. Knowing that you're completely out of cancer sticks and unable or unwilling to go get more. As for me, I'm lying in bed about to go to sleep and I have no desire to get dressed and drive to Walgreens. Better make this one last.

My first day on first shift was awesome. I haven't worked during the day in almost a year and a half. It was definitely strange being at work with nine other people but fun none the less. I look forward to a full work week this Friday.

And to remind you one final time, we have a show tomorrow at 9pm at the Poodle Dog Lounge. I'll make sure to make another bulletin on Myspace so you don't forget. Nick won't be able to join us so we've got a stand in bass player lined up for him. Hopefully he'll show. I don't mind White Stripin' it, but there's something lost without a bass player: the bass line.

Night time isn't my favorite time of day. My mind wanders down paths it shouldn't and I feel stupid feelings. I guess it won't be a big deal anymore since I'll be sleeping at night, but there are still these moments on the cusp of falling into my dreams that silly thoughts linger and tease me. But I won't go into any of that nonsense. I promised at the get go of this blog that I wouldn't fill it with depressing material and I'm generally a man of my word. No, those special comments will be saved for a different outlet I'm afraid.

Hope to see you all at the show.

My heart is yours to fill or burst

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