Friday, October 27, 2006

I hate band-aids

I recently signed up on Threadless and plan on submitting designs soon. I'm letting my subconscious churn away on ideas and hopefully that will bear fruit soon. When I do finally submit something I beseech you to help me out by voting. I can win 1500 dollars if my design is picked as well as a 300 dollar gift certificate to the site which would allow me to buy all my voters a shirt with the design on it. Well, not ALL of them, but definitely the ones that I can hand a shirt to. Stay tuned for that.

Saw The Decemberists on Tuesday at Stubb's. I'm in love with them currently. If you haven't heard them I high suggest you check them out. Catch me online on AIM and I'll lend you some. As for the show, it was really rat. I admit I only recognized two of the songs they played. A lot of the stuff they did play was off the new album which I didn't realize existed. Rest assured, I own the album now and through the goodwill of a fellow fan and friend, I have two of their other albums.

Speaking of December, it is almost upon us and that means my lease here at the Metropolis is almost up as well. I've been searching on Craigslist (So has my bad ass girlfriend) and come up with a lot of great deals. My current and most favorite idea is to move into the same apartments as my good friend Bruh. I met him when I moved in here at the Metropolis and we've become really good friends ever since. It would be great living within walking distance of him again. I hope I can find and afford a place there.

And if anybody knows of a good deal on a drum kit, please let me know. I'm in the market for one since I lost my old one. I've got cymbals, I just need a kit with (hopefully) hardware and a pedal included. I'm not exactly financially able to purchase one right now, but plan on being so in the near future. I'd appreciate any leads.

Go to sleep now, little ugly. Go to sleep now, you little fool

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