Monday, April 03, 2006

Rad Parties and Such

Saturday the record for "Most People I've Seen in the Building 10 Courtyard" was smashed. The Vermicious Canids, a band from Mississippi that moved to Austin, celebrated their two-year anniversary of living in The Live Music Capital of the World by rocking people's socks off. They set up their gear outside their apartment downstairs, kegs were purchased, and music was played.

In addition to the Canids, our band, The Devil's Hotrod, played as well. We had to play sans bass player, but we received a lot of compliments on our playing so I suppose we did something right. I think our rendition of the Ghostbusters theme song went over quite well.

Around 12 o'clock the live music stopped and the recorded music began, albeit at a lower volume so as not to alert the Austin Police Department to our awesome shindig. By then I was inebriated enough to shed my pants for something a little more...revealing. My friend Tracy has been knitting me a thong for about a month or so and Saturday was it's coronation. Yes, that's right. I donned a thong in front of 50-75 people, 95% of which I had never met. Nick and I died laughing as is usual in situations where I do something completely ridiculous. I believe my ass was slapped on several occasions. But hey, I made six bucks out of it.

Presently I'm sitting on my ass. At work. Something I've been doing for over two hours. Somebody has to stay here in order to let the next shift in and apparently I was nominated for the job. -=sigh=- Sometimes being the ranking officer really sucks. Though, I'm sure it was worse for captains of ships seeing as how they had to go down with the boat. That really doesn't improve my mood any

In horse-ish news, Saturday morning was interesting. And Sunday morning The Q and I had planned on riding, but I hadn't planned on being hungover. I was really looking forward to said riding, but as I couldn't even put sheets on my bed without falling over, I don't see how I would have ever been able to situate myself upon Faux Pas and not end up cracking my skull open. Alas, more waiting.

When your girlfriend comes over to sleep next to you for 45 minutes, that means something.

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Anonymous said...

There were way more than 75 people at the party.

- The Q