Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I love the smell of Materialism in the morning....

Three cheers for new stuff!

Huzzah! I got a new car!

Huzzah! I got my PSP back!

Huzzah! Um. That's all I've got.

So the pile of bolts and metal I called a truck has finally released me from it's icy grip and allowed me to obtain my rightful birthday gift: a 1996 Honda Civic. Yeah, I know, everyone has one of those. And I say to you, "No, not everyone. But most do, yeah." However, I happen to be the only person to own one named Scuttle.

I was apprehensive at first. I didn't like the fact that it was an automatic or that it was white or that it was in fact a vehicle owned by so many that you can't throw a stone without hitting one. All of those predispositions changed after I drove it home from San Antonio. I love my new car. It's clean, it's economical, it doesn't look like an ogre sat on it, and best of all, the starter works! The only things left to do to it are get a new stereo and get the transmission fluid flushed. Not bad considering it was essentially at the bottom of a lake for 24 hours.

But before all that hubbaballoo, I regained possession of a Sony PSP. Something I've been longing to do since I got rid of my first one in order to buy an Xbox 360. I got it just in time too. I'm leaving this Friday to go to Michigan and I wanted to have it by then so I'd have something to do on the plane. Also, I didn't want my Mom all disappointed finding out I had sold it. It's been hard pulling off the charade of owning a PSP. All is well though. I've been getting my Lumines fix and hopefully when I return from the north I'll be able to buy Me & My Katamari so that The Q and I can have fun with the Prince's last adventure.

Easter was cool. I had the day off of work. Businesses closed = No work for the CPC which also ='s me not having to work. (Can you do that? Add an apostrophe s to an equals sign? I suppose I could have wrote equals, huh?) I was invited to The Q's grandparent's house to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus H. Christ. Food was eaten, eggs were discovered, and egg-shells were walked upon without being broken. I enjoyed her family. But Friday with her Dad at the Hippy Hour was more enjoyable. I rode in a Corvair and got smashed with some cool older people. Much more relaxed.

Oh, and remember, 4 out of 5 Dentists surveyed would recommend Trident to their patients who chew gum.

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