Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today I join a new echelon of Austin society. I am now the proud owner of a red Schwinn Suburban. Her name is Madeline and she's probably the finest piece of steel and rubber I've ever owned.

I've been meaning to get a bike ever since I lived in West Campus. It's a cleaner way of traveling and it's great exercise. Honestly it'll probably be my only form of exercise aside from the walks that Corley and I go on. I look forward to taking her on her first long distance trip tomorrow morning to work. My only wish is that I had gotten one earlier this week so I could have ridden all week during spring break. Now the only times I'll be able to ride it to work are on Wednesdays and Fridays.

In addition to that I also got a hair cut; another thing I've been meaning to do. I've been letting it grow for a long time now. It was past my shoulders and probably about 12 in. long and now it barely touches them. It feels a lot nicer and it's not as hot. I think it looks a lot better too.

As soon as I get around to it I'll post some pictures of my sweet new ride and possibly my haircut which isn't as cool as the bike.

Oh, and since I failed to post it earlier, Corley and I celebrated our two-year anniversary this past February. It's a wonderful thing while at the same time a significant landmark in my life. Until I met Corley I hadn't dated a girl consecutively for more than six months. She's pretty much my best friend of the female persuasion and I think that's the way it should be with a significant other. We can comfortably sit in silence for long periods of time and we never fight. However, we really suck at talking on the phone. Strange.

My birthday also happened to occur last month. I am now 24 years-old which I didn't realize until a week later. I mean, I was fully aware of my birthday and a few friends and I went out to Hole in the Wall to celebrate, but I wasn't aware I had turned a year older until I was sitting in traffic on my way to school a week later. I suppose I was caught up in the celebration of an event rather than fully understanding what the significance of said event was. Again, strange.

And if you still haven't checked out Vagiant, you really should get around to doing that.

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