Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The time has finally come. Tomorrow I will step on a plane bound for Las Vegas, Nevada. I've never been before but I've heard lots of great things. I probably won't be doing a whole lot of gambling, but I definitely plan on sightseeing. I've already booked a reservation for The Neon Boneyard, a huge lot that contains several defunct casino signs. Oh, and don't worry. There will be picture taking.

This evening I finally broke down and bought a record player. Corley and I were at Target where I bought a new backpack and shoes when we discovered this little beauty. It's pretty nice and it sounds great. I inherited a small collection of records from a friend and have been wanting to buy a record player since receiving them. I hadn't seriously gone through them until tonight when I discovered I had Michael Jackson's Thriller ON VINYL. "Holy damn!" I exclaimed as I held the record in my hands. I proudly presented it to Corley who squealed in delight and insisted we play it next. Listening to it now.

As for the rest of the collection, I have several Bill Cosby, George Carlin, National Lampoon, Steve Martin, and Richard Pryor albums to work my way through. I found a Ramones album and some Bing Crosby christmas albums as well. Clearly a very distinctive collection.

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Lauren said...

Why are you going to Vegas? Prostitutes? I knew it. Are you going to see any shows? Like LOVE? You have to see the glass flower garden in the Bellagio and the real topiary garden thing. It is pretty awesome.