Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's been a long time since I've rock and rolled

I've had a lot of things that I've been meaning to write about. Hopefully I can remember them all.

First of all, as some of you may know, I'm keeping the music alive and well by starting a band with one of my best buds Bruh. We're called Swamp Chicken and we're all about making music and having fun. It's just drums and a guitar, but that's all you need. A lot of our material is really goofy, but I think people will really enjoy it. I'm having a blast with it and hopefully you will too once we start playing some shows at the end of this month or sometime in April. Check out our myspace at We posted a song on there. We did it in about 30 minutes and it's really just a result of me trying to learn how to use Garage Band.

Career-wise I could potentially have a new job soon. I applied for a Graphics Designer position at a furniture company. I assume I'd be designing promotional materials as well as internal stuff. I sent in my resume today and now I'm just waiting for a reply. Should things actually work out I will have finally obtained a career in an industry I actually want to work in. Admittedly I am a little worried that I might actually get the job and then be completely overwhelmed. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's hard not to when I might get a job making four times as much as what I currently make.

I received, in the mail today, the most kick-assiest of shirts. It can be viewed here. I love Deloreans. I love Back to the Future. I think, as my best friend put it, this shirt sums up my existence.

Last month, Corley and I celebrated our one-year anniversary. With the exception of the cumulative two years I spent with my last girlfirend, this is the longest amount of time I've ever spent dating someone. And the amount of time continues to grow with every passing day. I am at the same time amazed and happy that I've found another human being that I get along with and don't mind seeing every day for a whole year. The most amazing part is that we haven't had a single fight. She is a good woman. An angry woman *wink*, but a good woman.

Finally, if you've never heard shit hot music, you should go see Bruh's band the Vermicious Canids:


corley said...

Casey, you failed to mention that you MADE that announcement for the Canids show.

Lauren said...

Hey, what do you know I will be at Emo's that night. It isn't like we will run into each other or anything. I so rarely leave the house I find it exciting when two things happen on the same night. I am so boring.

corley said...

Actually, knowing how Lauren runs into people when out, I am surprised that we DIDN'T see her.