Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pardon me for being rude

In Fort Worth at the moment. Had to drop in on the rents to pick up housing supplies. Yes, that's right, I found an apartment. It's right next door to my best buddy Nick. So convenient! For the past two weeks I've been staying at his place and soon I'll be staying about 15 feet next to it. Weird.

Driving up here and hanging out have profound effects on what I tend to think about. Three hours in a car and quiet nights outside of your comfort zone tend to do that. I've noticed that I tend to get very anxious on the eve of leaving Fort Worth. Unfortunately the eve of leaving also happened to be the day of arrival so I've been pretty anxious all damn day.

Like the title says, I apologize. Not necessarily for being rude, but just for babbling. There are things I could blog about, but it would only benefit me and not you, dear reader. However, it is nice to sit and type. I need to do that more.

Which reminds me, I may have said this before, but today I revisited my desire of acquiring a domain name again and setting up a portfolio. I decided that in addition to the portfolio I could set up a space to blog from and display pictures I've taken on my camera. It probably won't amount to anything other than an idea, but one never knows.

every time I look in your eyes, everyday I'm watching you die

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Anonymous said...

I think I'd like to read the things that would only benefit you.

I'm curious.