Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The End of an Era

As the 2006th year of human existence since the invention of the Gregorian calendar is coming to a close, I sit in a room filled with every single possession I own and wonder what I'm going to do.

Yesterday I returned from a trip to the North where I visited my kin. It was fun and exciting but it really didn't take the edge off things like I thought it would. I thought I'd finally feel relaxed when school was over, but I didn't and so I hoped going on vacation I would finally find a state of mental repose. It wasn't until I spent time with The Q that I finally felt a little relaxed. However, with the question of where I will find lodging saturating my thoughts I have a constant knot in my stomach.

I was supposed to have a place to live before I left for Michigan. A friend at work asked if I would like to sublet his apartment and after viewing said apartment I agreed. He had only thought about it that far. Now he had to find a place to live himself. I didn't formulate any kind of backup plan due to the trust I placed in him as well as my own stupidity. As it stands now, I will be without a permanent place of residence come December 30th. My current plan is as follows:

- Pack up as many belongings that are not needed.
- Move belongings into a storage unit.
- Couch hop between friends until I can find an apartment.

I've been scanning the usual spots: Craigslist, Austin Chronicle, Statesman, but seeing as how I didn't start my search until 6pm today, I was unable to contact any of the potentials I found. Tomorrow is reserved for finding a storage unit and a place to live if possible.

On the positive side of things, I made a pretty nice haul for Christmas. I got a Black & Decker adjustable wrench (*glee*), a new comforter, various articles of clothing, giftcards, a Back to the Future model, and two really kick ass books. The one I'd like to mention is "The Haggis-On-Whey Animals of the Ocean, in Particular The Giant Squid". This book is absolutely hilarious and a very fast read. The Haggis-On-Whey (HOW) series also includes two previous volumes, "Volume 1: Giraffes? Giraffes!" and "Volume 2: Your Disgusting Head: The Darkest, Most Offensive and Moist Secrets of Your Ears, Mouth and Nose". I haven't had the pleasure of reading either of these, but I can't wait to get my hands on them. *glee*

And father had had such hopes for a son who would take the ropes

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Anonymous said...

My eyes are open for those two books! I am glad to have you home.

Your Alcoholic Q