Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Me - Medicine = Tumultous

So yeah, being without medication is all fun and games for a while, until said fun and games are replaced with shit and shittiness. Not saying that I'm at the point. On the contrary, I'm still riding a manic wave. Work is fun and short-lived. I don't get tired until I get home and I have shit tons of ideas. But I know where it all leads and soon (tomorrow) I'll be medicated once more.

Speaking of work, I have regained my three-day, 12-hour schedule! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: 8pm-8am. I'm gearing up for school and since the three-day thing worked much better than the four-day schedule, I got it back. I've wanted it ever since Kedex Finko's decided to switch me. However, everytime I asked, I was denied. Understandable considering we only had 2 key ops to cover the whole week (3 days for one person + 3 days for the other does not equal 7) But since there's one day a week that the other key op and I share AND because I'm starting school I was approved. I also learned that the document creation position I didn't get might be available again in December at which time I could apply....the CORRECT way and potentially have a new position. ACIN'!

In band news, it seems as though my best buddy in the whole wide universe, Nick, might be our new bassist. His harmonizing ability needs a little work, though the other day he was doing very well, and he needs to brush up on bass and then hell, we might actually start playing shows. Weird.

In my gadget fetish news, I got a new phone. A Motorola PEBL. I think it's much cooler than a RAZR strictly because the flip part opens mechanically. The only qualm I have with it is that it turns itself off randomly. Don't know why. Not really a big deal. It feels really good in your hand. It's got weight to it and it's very smooth. Like a pebble! I mean, Like a PEBL!

Holy shit, it's Dr. Tran!

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