Sunday, March 26, 2006

Late Nights, Early Mornings, and No Contractions at the Copy Corral

Apologies, dear reader, this blog may contain boring posts about work....

I am still trying to get use to this idea of writing consistently. My mind cannot seem to wrap around it. Or maybe I just lack motivation... Yes, it's definitely motivation. My goal is to limit postings to one topic a piece. So there may be postings spread throughout the day.

I work for the KedExFinko's* CPC. I am but a cog in an evil corporate thing-a-ma-jig. While my work is mindless and mostly repetitive, my one claim to fame is that trees tremble in fear whenever I am in there presence. Why? Because the machines that I am enslaved to have an incredible lust for paper. They in fact demand it and should I not satiate their thirst, I must incur the wrath of their blinking yellow lights!

Paper, as you all know, comes from trees, hence the tree's abhorrence. "But trees," I say to them, "Do not fear me so!I am bound by the laws of my masters and I must acquiesce to their demands, else I will be terminated most un-honorably." But the trees, they just sit there, speechless and do things tree-ish. -=big sigh=-

Most nights are spent running around from machine to machine fixing jams or loading paper. The number of machines I do this to can range from one to five. In addition, should it be really busy, I will be running all five machines and performing tasks like: folding, binding, stuffing, collating, boxing, etc. It is these nights I tend to like least of all. However, tonight is at the other end of the spectrum. One machine to run and a little smidgen of auxiliary to do which means: I get to slack off. Which is what I am doing now and I need to stop doing it. I can feel the unrest of the machines in my veins. They beckon to me; call to me.

What is a cog to do?

*name changed to keep company anonymous.

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